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Can we help support your medical equipment needs?
Or can you support us with a donation or a legacy?

Wedmore & Axbridge Community Health Fund is a registered UK charity based in Wedmore Somerset.  It was set up in 1988 to raise money to provide equipment and services to benefit patients of the Axbridge and Wedmore Medical Practice.   Because of the generosity of many people we have raised over £200,000 in those 30+ years. 

The aim of the Fund is to raise funds to purchase equipment and services not provided by the NHS for the benefit of patients of the Axbridge & Wedmore Medical Practice. The Fund also supplies equipment for use by the Doctors, Nurses, District Nurses, midwives and Health Visitors.


We provide:

  • equipment for patients when the NHS cannot

  • equipment to the GP Surgery to help our GPs and their team give you a better service

  • support to patients and their families through other services

Over the years most of the funding has come from personal patient/family donations and bequests in thanks for services received from the practice staff by them or their loved ones or from time to time by fund raising.  Most of the equipment in the formative years was purchased for the practice but recently with a change to the Constitution, individual patients needs are now able to be met on a very varied scale and we also liaise with Weston Hospicecare for patients of the practice under their care.​

To manage the Fund,  a board of Trustees is made up of patients of the Practice elected annually and the board meets quarterly each year.  Wedmore and Axbridge Community Health Fund Trustees reports detailing our activities for each year are available on request.

Please ask Axbridge or Wedmore Medical Practice if you would like to contact the fund to seek assistance with providing medical equipment not provided by the NHS, or phone 01934 806240 and leave us a message.  Equipment or support from the Fund can only be provided on a recommendation from Axbridge & Wedmore Medical Practice.

You can also email us on

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