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The WACHF was formed by Mrs Muriel Welch of Wedmore and inaugural meeting held on 24th March 1988. The aims of the Fund were to raise funds to purchase equipment and services not provided by the NHS for the benefit of patients of the Wedmore and Axbridge Medical Practice. It would also supply equipment for use by the Doctors, Nurses, District Nurses, midwives and Health Visitor. All the equipment remains the equity of the Charity.

The committee of Trustees is made up of patients of the Practice elected annually and the committee meets quarterly each year.


Over the years most of the funding has come from personal patient/family donations and bequests in thanks for services received from the practice staff by them or their loved ones or from time to time by fund raising.  Most of the equipment in the formative years was purchased for the practice but recently with a change to the Constitution, individual patients needs are now able to be met on a very varied scale and we are also able to liaise with Weston Hospicecare for patients of the practice under their care.


Purchases made in recent years include:

  • Ambulatory blood pressure machines

  • Audiology equipment

  • Optical equipment

  • Health visitor requests for items of equipment to help struggling families

  • Midwife requests for items of equipment to help with premature babies ECG machines for both surgeries

  • Defibrillators for the communities of Axbridge and Wedmore Counselling?

  • Research equipment used by the Practice research team Stair lifts for severely disabled patients

  • Bobath treatment for a child Wheelchair for a handicapped child

  • Food machine for terminally ill child unable to digest her food

  • Cryosurgery equipment

  • TENs machines

  • Mattresses Nimbus specialist type

  • Scales

  • Sphygmomanometer

  • Inspection lamps

  • Hundreds of items of equipment used every day on patients who attend the surgery or who are visited by the Doctors or Paramedics

  • Suction pump and syringe drivers for Weston Hospicecare

  • Video baby alarm for severely disabled mother and disabled baby


The Fund also supports:

  • Music in Mind

  • Wedmore and Music Matters, Axbridge

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